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How does advertising impact teen or young adult use of alcohol? Student Name Institutional Affiliation How does advertising impact teen or young adult use of alcohol? Weaver, E., Wright, C., Dietze, P., & Lim, M. (2016). ‘A Drink That Makes You Feel Happier, Relaxed and Loving’: Young People's Perceptions of Alcohol Advertising on Facebook. Alcohol and Alcoholism, 51(4), 481-486. Weaver, Wright, Dietze, and Lim (2016) focus their study on exploring the perceptions of young people on the advertising of alcohol on Facebook in addition to assessing the supposed acquiescence to the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code (ABAC). The study was conducted online whereby a cross-sectional survey was carried out to identify the perception of the youth regarding the current advertising of alcohol on Facebook. The scholars first carried out a focused group discussion to inform the participants about the development of the question and choosing the advertising of alcohol for the online analysis. After the focus group discussion, the online survey was then employed to solicit support regarding the youth’s perception of the advertisements of alcoholic drinks. The scholars explain that the study was approved by the Alfred Hospital Human Research Ethics Committee (Weaver et al., 2016). For the focused group discussion, four participants were selected after a literature review on the type of questions that may be used to associate with the young individuals. The participants were obtained from a university in which the students were a part of a Facebook group. Their ages ranged between sixteen and twenty-nine, they occasionally engaged in drinking, and each had a Facebook account. They also presented a written consent to indicate their willingness to take part in the study. The participants were presented with several samples of alcohol ads and requested to freely describe their interpretations and opinions about the...
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