Alpha Glucosidase Inhibitors: Miglitol and Acarbose Dissertation Example

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Free Alpha Glucosidase Inhibitors: Miglitol and Acarbose Dissertation Example

Alpha-Glucosidase Inhibitors: Miglitol and Acarbose Name Institutional affiliation Date Pharmacokinetics Absorption Miglitol can be absorbed to saturation at high doses. For complete absorption, a dose of 25 mg is required. After administration, it takes 2 to 3 hours to reach peak concentration levels. For Acarbose, only up to 2% of the oral dose is absorbed in as the active drug form (Glyset® (miglitol) tablets For Oral Use, 2012). Another 35% is taken in in the form of 14C-labeled radioactivity. An average of 51% of the drug is excreted unabsorbed in the feces Acarbose had a low systemic bioavailability of the parent compound. This is therapeutically desirable to ensure that the drug is available in its full compound for longer in the digestive tract. After administration, the 14C-labeled Acarbose radioactivity took approximately attained 14–24 hours to reach peak concentration levels. (Glyset® (miglitol) tablets For Oral Use, 2012) However, the peak concentrations from the active drug itself were reached approximately 1 hour after the dosing. The radioactivity absorption is delayed due to absorption of metabolites formed by intestinal enzymatic hydrolysis and intestinal bacteria. (PRECOSE® (acarbose tablets), 2011) Distribution Miglitol has negligible protein binding properties at <4.0%. Its distribution volume is 0.18 L/kg (Glyset® (miglitol) tablets For Oral Use, 2012). This volume is consistent with absorption into the extracellular fluid. Acarbose is distributed primarily through extracellular space. Highest volumes are found in kidneys in the urine, in the interstitial tissues and connective tissues (PRECOSE® (acarbose tablets), 2011). Metabolism There are no metabolites detected in urine, plasma or tissues after the consumption of Miglitol. This indicates that Miglitol is not metabolized either systemically or pre-systemically. Metabolism of Acarbose occurs solely in the gastrointestinal tract. The metabolization is done by...
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