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Free An Analysis of my MBTI Dissertation Example

An Analysis of my MBTI Result Name Institution An Analysis of my MBTI Result Myers Brigg Type Indicator puts various personal traits into consideration to predict the behaviour of an individual in different situations in life. Through the four bipolar personality dimensions derived from the test, a person can determine his personality type and some of his key strengths and weaknesses. According to the result of my MBTI test, I have an ENTJ (Extroversion, Intuition, Thinking, Judging) personality type. As per the results, I have slight preference of extraversion over introversion (16%), my intuition level is higher compared to sensing (19%), and my scores for thinking and judging were 1% and 34% respectively. The personality type fits my description. After assessing my MBTI result, it is clear that I am a person who prefers the outside world. Also, I put significant effort in the interpreting and deriving meaning out of i0nformation before acting on them (Jankowski, 2016). Additionally, I prefer a path of logic to decision making and a world with clear rules and options. (Jankowski, 2016) I think that the results of the test correctly summarizes my demeanor. I enjoy interacting with others. In addition to that, I am decisive, direct and always driven to succeed. I always find myself inclined to see a big picture of every situation as well as conceptualizing complex information. I enjoy expanding and sharing knowledge with others. I am a born leader. As a person with an ENTJ personality type, I enjoy a lot of traits which can be considered as strength. I am an ambitious person who always has a high aspirational level of self (Jankowski, 2016). As a result, I usually put plenty of focus and insight to whatever I do. Before the starting of any activity, I would have analyzed its outcome. In many occasion, I pressure myself to produce exceptional result hence considered productive by many. Also, I am organized, responsible, practical and thorough altogether....
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