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Free Armed Police Dissertation Example

Name Professor Course Date A Rhetorical Analysis in The Criminal Justice: Do we need a blended model of unarmed/armed policing?” In many Instances, citizens of the United Kingdom have argued on the Prospects of having their entire police force armed, like their counterparts in the United States of America. This has led to heated debates countrywide, with some individuals siding with the idea, whereas others seem to oppose the prospects associated with the same. This is an article done by and published by The Link to the access to the article is provided at the end of the work, in the references section of this work. The author of the article begins by providing details of experiences encountered by unarmed police officers, and the dangers they are exposed to. He also gives a brief history of the Gun culture in the United Kingdom and provides viable data comparison with other countries such as Germany, Japan, The United States of America and New Zealand. Towards the middle of the article, he provides different statistical presentations through graphs and tables. This is some of the most evident data presentation tools used in many types of research. Lastly, the author concludes regarding on his view towards the matter at hand. He concludes that the Police Department in the United Kingdom should operate as it does at the moment. The aspect of arming the police department, according to him is misleading. To prove his worthiness on the subject and build credibility, the author uses different elements ranging from sources, past experiences, convincing attributes and most essential statistics. Upon examining the article, it is true that the author is targeting two audiences, i.e., the general public and members of the police force. As research indicates, these are the most affected groups as debates have been experienced, especially when armed robbers kill unarmed police officers. The article is relevant to the specific groups because...
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