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Free Art Exhibition Minds Dissertation Example

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Event: Art Exhibition Minds elate at the mention of the word “art.” Most people think of it as expression, creativity, imagination, and names like Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, and Edvard Munch are quick to pop up. Technology has made it possible to access art from the comfort of our homes; however, by experiencing it in person, one can ideally appreciate the intricacies, feel, and scale that artists attempt to bring out (Galitz 133). The value that comes with seeing how paintings hang among others is what inspired the recent art exhibition in town. The exhibition space gave art lovers exhilarating experiences that could not be compared to viewing artworks on the internet. All sorts of people filled up the art gallery on a Saturday afternoon for various reasons. Some went to learn about art, others for purchase reasons, and others who are less acquainted with the depths and dimensions of art went to hang out and for social purposes. All these people were met with a variety of both modern and traditional paintings. The exhibition halls had been creatively blended with charcoal and pencil drawings and not leaving out the splendor of oil paintings. Most of the works of art that were put on display at the exhibitions were a reflection of the people’s culture, day to day activities while some fearlessly took on the imaginative and dream world. People who acted as gallerists were proficiently knowledgeable about the works on display and could give very fine details about various pieces of art. The fact that they could tell a story from a single painting and walk one through what was running through the artist's mind as they came up with the piece was commendable. They could point out the elements of art that stood out from various artworks making the experience exceptionally eye-opening. The art exhibition incorporated an informal trade and auction forum that saw artists and sellers price their...
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