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Astronomy Name of Student Name of Institution Abstract Christians believe in the existence of the Holy Trinity which is governed by Biblical doctrines. Christian Doctrine follows the teaching of Jesus Christ in the gospel and the letters found in the New Testament concerning the issue of Faith. The different interpretations of the Scripture depend on the author’s meaning, but the understanding depends on the reader. For example, on most occasions one may hear people say “it depends on what the Bible means to me,” or “it depends on your interpretation of the Bible.” Scientific processes that resulted in the discovery of the human origin and the universe raises issues that contradict the Christian Doctrine. However, even though the scientific methods are potent tools, they also have limitation. For instance, in science, it is necessary to prove whether a hypothesis is true or false. On the contrary, Science cannot refute or prove the existence of Supernatural entities including God. Thus, this paper will discuss Christian doctrines, personal faith, and how science contradicts the two. From the scripture, the term doctrine has a broader meaning rather than just passing on information from generation to generation. Christianity doctrine is a body that defines the significant theological truth which is associated with the teaching of Jesus Christ. Christian doctrine is scriptural teaching that helps Christians understand their actual value in life. For instance, Jesus’ death for the sin of humanity is a doctrine that helps Christians understand the love of God in their lives. Thus, Christianity solely depends on the Biblical Doctrine. Faith is the act of trusting in something or someone regardless of the existing uncertainties (Coyne, 2018). In Christianity, personal belief refers to a dynamic relationship with God which is guided by the power of Holy Spirit in whom Christians believe dwell in them. Jesus Christ taught the central idea of faith...
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