How A Young Manager Grows To Become A Successful Leader Dissertation Example

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Free How A Young Manager Grows To Become A Successful Leader Dissertation Example

Introduction: In the contemporary business environment, leadership is considered one of the most important aspects of an organization’s growth. The need for competent and effective leadership has created a desire in young managers to obtain the skills and competencies required to undertake the tasks offered by the institutions. According to Hamlin, et al. (2011), any given manager, regardless of their age, needs to have particular leadership traits and skills to be a successful leader. A managerial position in the current business environment involves tasks which all require the relevant stakeholders to possess the necessary skills and attributes- for instance; tasks such as delegation duties can only be done effectively by managers who understand the necessary skills and attributes needed to complete the various responsibilities. Taking into consideration the demanding nature of the contemporary business environment and the shift from old experienced managers to youthful managers, it is important to ask what the young managers need to become successful leaders in their respective organizations- this is the major focus of this study.     Essentially, the area of leadership and management has attracted a considerable number of studies in the past. With the constant changes in the way organizations operate because of increased competition from rival companies, leadership and management have become very demanding when it comes to the skills and competencies required. In fact, according to Daft (2014), most companies prefer experienced individuals to take up the leadership positions which leave the young managers at a disadvantaged position, but, based on the assertions of Hamlin, et al., (2011); Katz’s (1974); Mitchelmore and Rowley, (2010); Goetsch and Davis (2014); and Norman (2011), young managers are more efficient in their work as compared to the older experienced managers. In this regard, the main question to be asked is how some young managers become...
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