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Burnout among Child Counselors Name Institution Burnout among Child Counselors Working as child and adolescent counselor can sometimes be a treacherous and emotionally draining job. However, it is considered to be the highly rewarding profession around. As counselors, we are in charge of boosting and ensuring that a child’s academic, social, and personal development is at optimum levels. Seeing a child fit in with the society and to regain their confidence, after counseling them is a satisfying experience. Knowing that the work you are doing is helping a child have a brighter future is also as rewarding. However, all this hard work comes at a cost. As counselors many psychological and mental implications arise during the job, according to Kilburg (1986) professionals are usually their adversaries. Even though we are trained to be caring, assertive and compassionate, we tend to neglect our own needs, and this leads to professional exhaustion and finally burnout. The overwhelming needs and demands that children and also adolescents require sometimes become too much for us, and this takes a toll on the quality and amount of services that provided. Burnout is the major problem that usually arises among us counselors myself included due to the intimate relationships we psychologically form with our patients, through empathy. According to this Young & Lambie (2007) is the main cause of burnout among school counselors. It is not uncommon for counselors to have burnout. Actually, up to six thousand counselors that are actively practicing in the United States are suffering from burnout and other related emotional impairments (Kottler & Hazier, 1996). The psychological needs of the current generation of children have skyrocketed over the past couple of years, suicide tendencies, and other forms of mental complications tend to burden us as counselors, and this leads to emotional and psychological burnout. Since counselors usually work with people whose...
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