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Free Business network security Dissertation Example

Discussion response wk3 Hey Tomas, I agree with your post because it gives good reasons why control user access to a network is necessary. It provides security to the user hence it is an important aspect, especially for businesses. I also agree with you that the job of an IT administrator is key to the business’ network security. What could be some of the measures IT administrators put in place to ensure network security? Computing competence can be gained from computer tools and utilities, user and group administration, remote services, preferences and settings and performance monitoring (TestOut Corporation, 2018). Since there are various means of system management, it raises questions whether some are more important or effective than others. I think it is important to have a good understanding of the right situation to apply each of the means of system management. Systems management is such a wide and key area in Computer Science. Is it possible there could be other means of system management? I also agree with you that more practice is the only way one could become a better system manager. Reference TestOut Corporation. "IT Certification Training Courseware | MOS Certification Training". Testout.Com, 2018, Accessed 16 Mar...
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