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Name: Instructor's Name: Course: Date: Cincinnati Art Museum Terms Impasto, Hue, Content, Focal Point, and Formal Introduction The “Blue Hole, Flood Waters, Little Miami River” is a beautiful impasto painting by Duncanson Robert who was a painter in the 1850s. Impasto covers oil paintings that are thickly applied on canvas. The artwork was painted in 1851, and currently stored in the Cincinnati Art Museum for viewing, and other regions which have its copyright. The formal elements aspects that compose the painting are discussed at length in the paper. The oil painting has a general horizontal framework that uses contrasting colors and shades of light, with appealing banks that denote peaceful and natural habitat in a serene environment. Material and Technique The painting uses oil, but it is not easy for onlookers to tell the media without looking at the wall text. The effect created by the media is that of a serene and cool environment that is inhabited by people. The color in the picture is applied sparingly, and while other regions are bright, other is gloomy. In addition, the paint is not easily recognized, but the brushstrokes are visible, hence brushy. There is texture in the painting, but thinning was employed to reduce the effects. Such features help observers to understand the period and historical nature of the artwork. Color The 1851 artwork depicts a pool that is mirror-like, accompanied by a geometry composition that is simple. It has a palate of greens and silver blues that are delicate, and the soft brushwork denotes a poetic environment, which has a horizontal design. While the middle of the water regions is brightly colored, most of the trees and banks have deem shades. Further, there is hue, which refers to specific colors of an object, hence the red flowers on the forefront near the large stones which are brightly colored. The changes made in the coloring of the painting provide a serene mood, where inhabitants are relaxed,...
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