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Classroom Design Student Name Institutional Affiliation Classroom Design Security and shelter: The idea is for the classroom setting to be comfortable for each student from both physical and psychological perspectives (Weinstein, 2015). The arrangement of the desks will be spacious to prevent cluttering. The windows are wide enough and the ventilators are functioning for adequate air circulation. The class will have retreat areas with cushions and toys in addition to a meeting rug which is convenient during story-telling sessions and other extracurricular activities. The aisles will be wide to facilitate movement and convenience for students who might have physical disabilities. Social contact: The idea is to facilitate the development of social skills in learners (Weinstein, 2015). For the purpose of collaboration, the students will be organized around tables. For normal classroom discussions, the U-shaped desk organization will be relevant to maintain eye-contact with the students and to ensure that each student actively participates in lessons. A learning station will also be included as it is necessary for the classroom to facilitate individualized learning for students who require further instruction or more attention. Symbolic identification: The idea is to create a setting that provides students with significant information (Weinstein, 2015). Therefore, for symbolic identification, the class will have several reminders and posters on the classroom walls. It will also have teacher items that students bring from home and pictures to facilitate the learning process. Pictures of each student and drawings made by them will also be all over the classroom in addition to maps, animal figures, and many more items relevant for learning. Task instrumentality: The idea is to create a purposeful classroom environment (Weinstein, 2015). To create such a setting, the classroom will include several technologies such as iPads with...
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