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Free Communication Device Project Dissertation Example

Name Institution Date Communication Device Project Purpose: The project is designed to demonstrate methods that ease communication of individuals with disabling conditions and who can benefit from unique communication approaches. Description of the population: This communication board will be used for lower class pupils who suffer from congenital disabilities such as autism and other intellectual challenges. Five students in the class have been identified having challenges with social skills, tendency to engage in repetitive actions and portray speech difficulties. One student does not speak at all, and the rest use only a few words. The pupils do not play with other children in school, show restricted interests in normal things and are easily upset due to changes and needs to follow a particular routine. The message conveyed: The communication board is intended to allow the children who have autism to effectively utilize equipment such as cards, boards, books, or certain pictures to represent their actions non- verbally. They can use the above tools to understand what teachers or their classmates are saying; ask for what they need and even respond to other children. Also, children who have autism can use pictures or gestures to learn early words since they respond best to visual information. Through visual equipment, autism children are encouraged to maintain eye contacts in class. Sender and Receiver: The senders of the message are the children who have autism who use pictures, boards, and cards to either respond to the teacher’s question, ask what they want from the teachers, or even engage in conversations with the other students. Those children who speak a few fumbling words can express their needs through the use of pictures and signs that represent certain words. The receivers of the message are the teachers attending children who have autism. The teachers will use the information to understand children presentations, wants, and this will help...
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