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Free Conflict Management Dissertation Example

CONFLICT MANAGEMENT Student’s name Institutional affiliation The worst conflict I experienced was in the workplace. One of the employees had been stealing from customers for a long time. This time we had found him red-handed with the customer property. As another employee, we were forced to protest this unethical move, because we knew that this would ruin our integrity and that of the company. Our contract with the company was also threatened by this unethical move by the one of our own. The conflict aroused when we demanded that the employee is interdicted, but he vowed to take us to court. We told him that protecting our integrity was paramount. He claimed that we had framed him, and he will sue us (Young et al. 2016).The cause of the conflict described by student 1 is a fight for interest and familiarity within the family. The husband should have respected the wife given that they were dealing with issues that pertain to work. He should have neglected how the wife has been leading the family and allow her to demonstrate her abilities in carrying out PT. It should be noted that people on the higher ranks demands respect regardless of family relationship. The husband should respect the actions that are being taken by the wife in the workplace (Young et al.2016). The cause of conflict in the scenario of student two is hatred. The committee members should have carried out an investigation to second their action of dismissing the employee. However, they did not give any reason for their action. It seems there was a member in the committee who was jealous about the presence of the employee in the organization. The committee should have allowed the 2nd vice commander to carry out his responsibilities. The 2nd vice commander could have established a better reason for dismissing the employee. However, he was not consulted. The move indicates that the employee has done nothing wrong that deserved to be sent away from the company (Young et al....
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