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Free Conrad Hilton and J.W. Marriott Dissertation Example

Student Name Instructor Course Name Date Conrad Hilton and J.W. Marriott Conrad Hilton’s journey in the hotel industry began when he bought the Mobley Hotel located in Cisco instead of his initial desire of buying a bank. He then bought more hotels within the state as a strategy of building his empire. He continued to build his business regardless of the financial strain imposed by the Great Depression. Conrad Hilton can be viewed as a man who had a big vision regarding the hotel industry particularly after establishing the Hilton Hotels Corporation and extending his operations beyond the U.S. borders. By the time he died, Hilton International Company was among the most popular and largest hotel companies from a global perspective (Conrad Hilton A & E Biography). It can be perceived that his determination and accomplishments contribute to the view that Conrad was a mogul in the hotel industry whose impact is still felt. J.W. Marriot’s legacy began in 1927 after opening the first A&W Root Beer stand. What makes him outstanding is that he came from a poor family but did not allow his background affect his ambitions. By adding food items in his company, Marriot changed his business to Hot Shoppe. He can be viewed as a visionary through his efforts of opening more Hot Shoppes in addition to his new venture in 1937 of supplying food to commercial airlines. Furthermore, he established the Twin Bridges Marriott Motor Hotel located, his first hotel, in Arlington in 1957 while still remaining consistent with the food operations. In 1967, he purchased the Big Boy restaurant operations and then began the Roy Rogers in 1968. It can be viewed that one of his biggest accomplishments is buying the Host International which then became the biggest beverage and food suppliers for commercial airlines in the U.S. (J.W. Marriott A & E Biography). Conrad Hilton and J.W. Marriott can be viewed to be among the most influential hoteliers in the hospitality...
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