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Digital Marketing Name Course Tutor Institution City Date Digital Marketing Introduction Digital marketing is where advertisements for different companies are done using the social media, as it is the new face of the letting your products be known more. Content marketing on the hand is the process of distributing the information to the desired audience. ETISALAT, Emirates Institute for communication Telecommunication Company is its full name. It is the number fourteenth largest mobile network in the world a boasts a customer base to its services of one hundred and sixty-seven million. Found in about sixteen countries across Asia, which has a very high population of people, the Middle East and Africa. Back in the year 2015, it made a net profit of about AED 8.3 billion. It is a very significant achievement (Ayish, 2005). The company is owned 60% by the United Arab Emirates government and the rest 40% by the public. They have been operational for more than forty years, and hence their slogan ‘’ 40 years, 16 countries together as one’’. Their headquarters are in Abu Dhabi. Etisalat Marketing Table OBJECTIVE MAIN OBJECTIVE Sub-activity challenges actions timeline 1 Service design Provision of quality designs to their customers To reach out to as many customers as possible Disinterest by customers if they are not involved Involving the social life in their advertisements 3 months 2 Competitive advantage To provide high quality to their customers High management Of customer satisfaction Expensive hardware to buy to improve their platform Buying more hardware 3 months 3 Customer retention Encourage by gifting the customers Offers to the old customers Competition from other telecommunications They have data gifting lifeline 4 Identification of potential customers Going to new markets and new countries Signing new partnerships with countries Not picking in new markets as in Dubai They take long-term ambitions and plans 2 months 5 Customer...
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