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Free Corporate social responsibility (CSR) Dissertation Example

Literature Review on Gap Inc. Student’s Name University Abstract Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has positive outcomes for organizations within the apparel industry. Specifically, when Gap, Inc. engages in the CSR practices within its operating environment and maintains its social responsibility to its stakeholder, the benefit that accrues to it is the consolidated stakeholder relationships, which lead to the powerful brand, worker attraction, retention, and motivation, profitability, and improved consumer perceptions. The process of corporate responsibility management can allow apparel firms to acquire a sustainable development. Companies have different CSR focuses, and Gap, Inc.’s CSR focuses include labor concerns, consumer awareness, and social and environmental issues. Companies such as Gap, which operate in the apparel industry, find the CSR a particularly significant practice for their businesses because the firms in this industry are involved in highly social matters like labor-intensive manufacturing. There is a need for these companies, therefore, to communicate their CSR initiatives to the stakeholder to address these issues or focuses. CSR is seen as a form of organizational dynamics, ethical behavior, and performance management. For instance, whit regards to organizational dynamics, CSR involves developing and adopting programs that aim at responding to the stakeholders’ concerns and issues that emerge in the marketplace to allow Gap, Inc. to survive in the competitive business environment. Keywords: Corporate social responsibility, (RED) campaign, Corporate social responsibility management process, Performance management, Apparel industry, Gap, Inc., social responsibility, Literature Review on Gap Inc. Problem Statement Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been an emerging organizational issue in various industries from the 1980s. CSR can be viewed as a form of ethical behavior, performance management, and organizational...
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