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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Jacksonian Democracy As the term democracy defines, it was a political philosophy in the United States that took place in 19th –century. It promoted greater democracy, especially for a common man. It became the nation's leading political with the help of President Andrew Jackson and the supporters. Jacksonian Democracy lasted from 1828 when Jackson was elected as the president up to when slavery became the main issue. The party emerged during the early 1820s when Democratic-Republican Party split. It motivated the supporters of Jackson, and it led to the formation of a party that promoted democracy later (Benson, 2015) Radical Abolitionism It was the movement that took place before and during the American Civil war. It was founded mainly to end slavery in the United States. It was also used to finish Atlantic slave trade and set those who were slavery-free. It specifically happened in the Western Europe and Americas. Slavery was condemned as being un-Christian by Evangelicals and English Quakers. It is because at that time most of the slaves were the Africans. In the year the 1730s and 1740s Abolition was considered as part of the message of the first Greek Awakening, and in the same period, rationalist of the illumination condemned slavery as a way of violating the rights of human beings (Perry, 1973). Sam Houston He was born in Rockbridge, Virginia. After the death of his father, he moved to Tennessee. He was adopted as a citizen of Cherokee nation after spending some of his life in that nation. In the war of 1812, Houston served in the military. He later participated successfully in Tennessee politics that assisted Texas to secure their independence from Mexico. He was elected as a governor of Tennessee in 1827. He was relocated to Arkansas Territory after resigning as a governor as a result of his marriage collapsing. In Pennsylvania Avenue, Houston attacked a congressman with a cane. It happened on March 31, in the...
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