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Name: Course: Section Number: Assignment Title: Describe potential child learning in the pretend grocery store Barbara observes four children playing at the pretend grocery store; through watching the children play she can point out what the children need to learn. She knows from her experience of eight years as a lead teacher in the local daycare. Since Barbara can point out what is individually appropriate and what is culturally upright, the scene at the pretend grocery provides a good chance for learning. The fact that the children are eager to play but don't know what to do with the materials or with each other, thus ending up arguing and snatching things from each other at the pretend grocery stores provides a ripe opportunity for a teachable moment. With Barbara having met the three core considerations which include: knowledge on child development and learning, knowing what is appropriate for an individual and knowing anything that is culturally important this makes the pretend grocery store a potential learning point. Identify three learning strategies Barbara can use to support the children’s learning in the pretend grocery store? Three teaching strategies that can be used to support children’s learning in the pretend grocery store include acknowledge, encourage and model (King, M.1993). While approaching the children; Barbara will first recognise the children wanted to play; she would go ahead and establish a relationship with them through encouragement. She would commend them on what they seem to be getting right and finally show the kids by taking the lead on what is the appropriate way to behave towards another person and the discipline of putting things in their rightful place without making a mess. Provide examples of verbal scripts to illustrate any verbal strategies you use Examples of verbal scripts to be used Halo how are you doing? My name is Barbara what are your names? So good to see you all playing together may I join in on...
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