UK Millennial Male Consumers’ Perception Of Digital Marketing Communication Tools Dissertation Example

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Free UK Millennial Male Consumers’ Perception Of Digital Marketing Communication Tools Dissertation Example

INTRODUCTION: The first chapter introduces the dissertation topic, including its scope and purpose. Specifically, it provides vital information about the research, its necessity, and structure. Also, it justifies and explains the applied and academic rationale. 1.1 Background and Rationale Digital marketing communication tools are on the rise among marketers in the UK alone (Bruwer et al., 2011, P. 10). There are advantageous since their introduction and use in the current business world. With their assistance consumers can order for new products, while sellers can have the opportunity to increase their clientele base and returns in the long run. According to Kozinets et al. (2010, P. 80) Consumption of different commodities, including international street wear brands, has increased in the past because of the digital tools of communication. There are disadvantages to such operations, which might include scam businesses, but since such are outweighed by the benefits, most consumers around the globe cannot resist the use of digital marketing tools to get their products and services when they are needed. With the current rise of technology and the use of different smart devices, most commercial activities are performed through the internet (Holzwarth et al., 2006, P. 20). In the UK, there are street wear brand owners who continually think of the women as their chief client, because of the shifts they have created in the past. Such perceptions are not only deceiving but can deny most brands an opportunity to advertise and market their products appropriately. Brands that have traditionally desired their audience to be women need to understand of a current demographic of the Millennial Man. The new group is not a super-hero, but according to studies, he has more power in the use of online tools while doing online shopping (Baker et al., 2002, P. 120). The term streetwear was coined from the fashion on the streets, and this represents different wears that are...
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