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Free Dramatic Writing Dissertation Example

Application Letter I would like to apply for a spot in your Dramatic Writing Program. I have a rich background in film and television both academically and professionally. My love of film goes back to my younger days when I would sit in front of the television for long hours intrigued by almost every other show I watched. I made a conscious decision to make matters film and TV my life-long career. I pursued a Master of Fine Arts at the California State University in Los Angeles. I am dedicated to what I what I do and believe my curiosity, knowledge, and drive set me apart from everyone else. Obstacles placed in my path have never deterred me as I have dedication, patience and willingness to learn that is unmatched. I regularly sought the advice and counsel of my professor taking time to discuss various issues in film for hours on end. I did this because I believe that learning is a never-ending process and it would only benefit me in an attempt to build my career. I am an immigrant, and this has posed significant challenges, but I have been undeterred nonetheless. Adapting to the new culture and the new way of life has not been easy, but I have never used that as an excuse not to be the best. I have a sincere pursuit of proper academic achievements, and I am dedicated to what I do. My love and passion for it are unwavering. My family has also been a huge motivator as it has pushed me to become the best I can be. Juggling a career, a marriage and family in a foreign land is not the easiest of tasks. However, I have stuck with it, and not even my age has stopped me from pursuing excellence and higher academic achievements. Working with various Hollywood firms has also been invaluable and has provided me with ample experience. I believe your institution has much to offer and sincerely hope you will consider my application....
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