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Duodenal ulcer Name Institution Q1. The vagus nerve is the cranial nerve 10 that serves the epigastric region. It gets involved in carrying the visceral sensory information from the receptors which are located in the organs of the abdomen. Q2. Layers Tissues Function Mucosa Simple columnar epithelium Protects other layers and absorption of digested products Submucosa Areolar connective Has lymph and blood vessels and nerves that aid nearby tissues Muscularis Externa Smooth muscle Causes alimentary canal motility Serosa Epithelial-connective membrane Makes the alimentary canal gain stability within the abdominal cavity. Source: Van Zanten, & Sherman, (1994) Q3. Three basic layers form the mucosa layer starting with the mucosa which is the innermost layer, then the lamina propria and finally the muscularis mucosae. The simple columnar epithelium tissue commonly found in cells that secrete mucus is what makes up the mucosa layer. Within the stomach and the duodenum, the work of columnar epithelial layer is to repair in cases when the environment around the stomach turns hostile. The simple columnar epithelium tissue within the stomach is made up numerous mucous cells that produce mucus that protects against pepsin and gastric juices that are acidic. The gastric pits within the stomach are also formed by the mucosa within the stomach whose work involves producing gastric juice. On the other hand, within the duodenum, the mucosa can improve its surface area by creating villi which are projected like fingers containing microvilli that line the epithelium. Also, the mucosa of the duodenum forms plicae circularis, the folds that are circular and deep which is very important in nutrient absorption optimization (Van Zanten, & Sherman, 1994). Q.4 The strong acid, HCL is formed as a result of the combination of hydrogen and chloride pumped by parietal cells within the gastric pits in the stomach. The acid is quite important in digestion that...
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