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Free Economic and political impact Dissertation Example

Committee Name: Committee Topic: Political and economic impact on those countries accepting asylum seekers and victims of forced migration Name of Delegate The forced movement of migrants from their countries such as Eritrea, Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan caused by conflicts and disagreements of communities in leadership is a human catastrophe of the highest order. It has caused the uprooting of millions of families from all walks of life and has resulted in thousands of deaths of loved ones. Migration precipitates a crisis that implicates all international aspects, from the risk of political instability and radicalization, to the chance of bringing down the visa-free European Schengen zone, and to the possibility of spreading infectious diseases (Castles, 2003). Developing countries that accept displaced people in large numbers place a significant strain on the infrastructure and the public services. It often leads to the distortion of investment climate. Another problem is that as they settle in the impoverished regions with few job opportunities, the depressing effect impacted on wages of unskilled native workers is exceptionally severe (Castles, 2003). The migration flows which are mismanaged by officials outlined in guiding and giving directions to the migrants causes a significant negative externality for regions that surround the areas accepting the migrants. It results in political disagreements between the leaders in the area and its surroundings. Essential solutions that might be undertaken to ease the pressure caused by the movement is by giving donations to the developing countries accepting the migrants. Most migrants move South than North, which comprises of wealthy nations. Making that an initiative rather than compulsory is advantageous as it reduces friction and opposition. Another way is also encouraging the formation of organizations such as UNHCR that is given the function of guiding the flow and ensuring that countries have insights...
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