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Educational journal Student name Course Date   Inequality in educational attainment and expectations Abstract The article focuses on educational inequalities in educational attainment and expectations in China. In this article, there is the use of the 2010 national representative information obtained from China. It was found that the educational inequalities have increased so much in the last decades. The inequalities have been a clear reflection of the main differences in provision of education of education between the urban and the rural dwellers. In addition, it is clear that educational attainment and attainment in China varies from one location to another. The factors which affect the education levels include parental education level, to stop this vice, imminent measures are needed to be taken so that the vice does not affect the other generations. Keywords: Educational inequality; educational attainment; educational expectation Introduction Studies have indicated that China for a long period has enjoyed a rapid economic growth for decades, there has s been a widening inequality in education to most of the students. The inequality has been caused by the gap between the urban and the rural residents (Lei & Shen, 2015). The actual level of education and the ideal level are also discussed. Various variables have been used in measuring the educational attainment and inequality. More of the information was obtained from the adult questionnaire (Lei & Shen, 2015). The literature on the educational inequality puts its main focus on educational attainment. There is much empirical evidence which supports the positive nature of educational attainment and its correlation with the family’s socioeconomic status mostly in the industrial countries. The educational difference has been another method of measuring educational inequality (Lei & Shen, 2015). The method reflects on the beliefs mainly on the educational achievements. For...
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