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Active Listening Student’s Name Institution Effective communication, as I found out in the experiment, is hinged on good listening skills (Robertson, 2005). This conclusive fact results from my conversation with my coworker. As such, our exchange was based on the company affairs and our perspectives on it. Throughout our interaction, it became apparent to me that there is a need to offer undivided attention to my colleague. This is because our discussion was on business concepts specific to his department that was new to me. His being more senior also meant that there was more for me to gain only if I accorded it attention. Though this was the case, the presence of other employees was a distracting factor. As such, it was a challenge focusing on our conversation while other colleagues were within. Also, I found out that the more I showed that I was listening, the more information I received. This was through gesticulations such as nodding, smiling and even raising of my eyebrows as a show of curiosity. These are features of active listening ("Active Listening Video," n.d.). Furthermore, my colleague was more at ease to clarify on the fairly complex principles after getting my feedback. These were interjections I made in a bid to have a clear picture and not develop a prejudicial assumption. However, this I did in a manner of least interruptions. As such, I would allow him to finish up his point before making an inquisition. Again, I found out that the less I raised a counter-argument, the lesser the likelihood of our discussion getting aggressive. Questioning his staunch belief in right principles driving the firm would elicit an emotional reaction bordering on aggressiveness. His senior position served to deter me from raising questions on certain aspects of his beliefs. This drove me to listen and offer my responses in an honest but respectful manner. In as much as I successfully learned new concepts, restraining myself from constantly retorting was...
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