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Free El Al Airlines Dissertation Example

Aviation Name: Date: El Al Airlines was named as the most secure airline recently by the Global Traveler magazine and its believed to have very effective security. It has put in place some measures to ensure the safety of its passengers. First of all, travelers are required to be at the airport two hours before departure time to undergo security search which involves luggage inspection, body search, and questions that every passenger is expected to answer such as their destination and the kind of luggage they are carrying. They also ensure that for every flight there is an armed guard aboard (FISHER, 1986). The airline line also provides nonstop flights directly to Israel without a stopover in Europe; also, its security procedures are secretly maintained. Flight Guard is a system developed in Israeli that is used as a protection against missiles termed to be anti-aircraft. First of all, these flight guards are a bit cheaper thus affordable. They are quite effective since they work by releasing invisible flares that are quite safe and that attract the missile. They work by re-directing the missiles away from the aircraft. Field marshals are counter-terrorist agents that work with aircraft lines and are usually aboard, they work to counter aircraft hijacks, and the service is provided by airlines such as El Al. Their work is to identify people who may be dangerous and ensure they are apprehended to prevent any activity that may harm people. Some of the countries that benefit from these services are Australia, Canada, India, Pakistan, Singapore, US, United Kingdom and Ireland. One challenge of implementing Body Language Detection in the US Is the failure to utilize the resources available to fully investigate victims arrested under this situation. This would work best if the process was first linked to scientific prove that someone’s behaviour is suspicious something that has not been achieved yet. Another challenge is the lack of measures that focus on...
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