Properties And Efficacy Of Electrospun Nanofibers For Wound Healing Dissertation Example

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Free Properties And Efficacy Of Electrospun Nanofibers For Wound Healing Dissertation Example

Health Science Dissertation Sample: CHAPTER II: LITERATURE REVIEW: Search for relevant literature was conducted using databases such as NCBI, PubMed, Science Direct, Google Scholar, Cochrane, and JAMA. Key search phrases included “electrospinning,” “nanofibers” and “wound healing”. The inclusion criteria included the language of publication (English), publication date (not more than seven years from a compilation of this dissertation) and relevance. Selection of the material to be appraised was dictated by the researched outcomes, in accordance with the aim of this study, which is to define the properties of nanofibers and their efficacy in wound healing. WOUND FORMATION AND WOUND HEALING. Definition and epidemiology: The skin, which is the largest human organ, is composed of three layers that exhibit complexity in both structure and functionality. The epidermis, the outermost layer, is comprised of a keratinized stratified layer and an underlying nucleated epidermis that exhibits four distinguished sublayers with complex cell interactions. The dermis, below the epidermis composed of a thick connective tissue rich in collagen, hair follicles, glands, capillary vessels, and nerves. Adipose tissue and blood vessels constitute the hypodermis, which is the innermost layer. Figure 1 shows a schematic representation of the adult human skin. The skin offers a physical and biochemical barrier and provides immunity to the inner body organs from the external environment. Wounds cause the skin’s loss of barrier function, which presents a unique challenge in the field of medicine as wound healing, is a complex and intricate process. Figure 1: The figure shows a schematic of the human skin. Note the five sublayers of the epidermis. Source (Andreu, et al., 2015, p. 5156). Demidova-Rice Hamblin and Herman (2012, p. 310) observe that with the number of the aging population increasing in the US, the risk of developing diabetes and age-related chronic wounds...
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