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Emotional Intelligence Name Institution Emotional Intelligence Developing Personal Emotional Intelligence to Enhance Personal Life, Career, or Interactions with Others Emotional intelligence is the ability of a person to identify and manage individual emotions in positive ways to relieve stress and other individual challenges. Developing individual emotional intelligence allows people to recognize and what other people are experiencing emotionally and communicating effectively (Bowkett, 2007). Moreover, developing emotional intelligence enables people to apply that knowledge in real life situations such as knowing when to do something. Through developing self-awareness and self-regulation, people can understand their emotions and manage them. Additionally, developing your own emotional intelligence improves motivation and empathy. Empathy enables people to identify their needs, wants, and viewpoints of the people around them, and as a result, people can manage their relationship, to listen and to relate to others (Bowkett, 2007). Strategies Used To Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence Enhancement of emotional intelligence can be achieved through five key strategies: Paying extra attention to daily emotions: to realize self-awareness, an individual should be cognizant of the emotions that they experience on the basis (Goleman & Soundview Executive Book Summaries, 2010). This includes knowing how to identify the feeling and the emotional triggers. Moreover, emotional intelligence can be achieved through improving the personal non-verbal communication and becoming sensitive to what other people say or do. Another strategy involves sharpening individual social skills such as practicing to listen, engaging in conversation, implementing common courtesies and collaborating with other where possible. Exercising self-regulation also through self-examination and proper regulation is key to the enhancement of emotional intelligence. Rather than subjecting...
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