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Free Ethnicity And Race Dissertation Example

Name Instructor Course Date Ethnicity and Race Q1. According to Cornell and Hartmann, ethnicity is socially constructed through relational considerations where one group of individuals gets perceived to share a similar thing that others do not. In other words, the authors mean that ethnicity does not exist naturally by itself; instead, it gets portrayed concerning a subject that it is not. Ethnicity is being referred to a portion of a whole population, owing to the perceived difference between the remainders and itself (Stephen & Hartmann 24). Cornell and Hartmann explain further that there exists a distinction between ethnic category and ethnic group. A category is attributed to a population portion by outsiders while a group exists when an ethnicity identity gets subscribed by that particular population. Ethnicity, a social construction, divide individuals into a small group concerning the sense shared through membership, history, behavior patterns, language, values, religion or political interest. Sikhs are perceived as an individual ethnic group through their religion interest, in that the more people convert to the faith, the more a cause of distinct ethnicity. When Sikh people converge for religious affairs, proclaiming to get considered as a particular ethnic group, their actions confirm the practice of social construction. The sameness of Sikh is fostered through family bond where children are brought up into Sikhism religion teachings. The family is considered as a school for social, cultural and political lives. It is based on extended kinship, and whenever one gets married, it is a culture in Sikhism that the marriage does not only bring the two people together but also both families. Every member of these families becomes a member of biradari, which means brotherhood. The cycles of socialization reveal that people are born without values, beliefs or attitudes towards races. Even though humans are born into social contexts, usually, there...
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