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Free Expert Witness Report Dissertation Example

Expert Witness Report Name Institution Affiliation Date Introduction Forensic psychology is a compelling attribute in the aspect of the criminal law. The application of the psychological methods and research helps to solve the challenges faced by the legal systems. The judicial system requires the forensic experts to aid in providing a conclusion or an opinion concerning a criminal issue. The forensic experts possess useful skills that can help the court of law in making the decisions. It is therefore crucial that forensic psychology contributes significantly to the issue of criminal cases. Presentation of a confession can be an adverse issue concerning the performance of the criminal offense. However, it is essential for the court of law to determine the situation concerning obtaining the confession. False confessions can lead to the provision of decisive leverage. Intimidation can be fierce while getting the confession from an individual. It is clear that not every faith can be right hence the need to reexamine the interrogation procedures to make the right deductions. The issue of the rape case is provided in the paper as well as the expert’s opinion. Purpose of the Report The report involves an expert opinion concerning the rape case. The case is not only vital for the current rape case but also provides approaches in concern to other criminal aspects. Analyzing information helps to determine whether the evidence submitted can lead to the right conviction or the wrongful conviction. The criminal case can lead to severe effects on the criminal hence the need to enhance justice to avoid punishing an innocent individual (Young, 2008). The report also demonstrates the current literature on the ethical obligations of an expert concerning the criminal cases. Professional morals contribute significantly to the provision of opinion in conjunction with the core values including integrity. Rule of evidence is essential in the criminal cases. Lack of...
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