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Name Instructor Course Date FDA Agency Various federal agencies perform different roles to advance the government agenda of the United States. One such organization is the FDA agency that is authorized by the federal government to come up with safety standards that affect food products and additives, chemicals, cosmetics drugs, medical and household devices. The agency also approves, inspects and tests the standards to make them adapt to the emerging needs (“Food and Drug Administration”). The FDA was established in 1927 and since then, has played a great role in coming up with safety standards in the industry. Initially, the role of the agency was in regulating the sale of misbranded drugs and food products. However, the role of the agency has expanded over time to include the regulation and approval of pharmaceuticals and medical devices amongst other functions. The regulatory power of the agency is derived from four primary legislation. These consists of the "Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic's Act," that enacts standards for purity and safety for foods and the "Fair Packaging and Labelling Act" that demands informative, honest and standardized product labeling. The other laws that give FDA mandate are the "Radiation Control for Health and Safety" that protects customers from the radiations caused by microwave ovens, X-Ray machines among others. Lastly, there is the "Public Health Service Act" that gives the agency the authority over the protection of the health of the citizens in travel facilities, restaurants, serums and vaccines and milk sanitization (“Food and Drug Administration”). Overall, the role of the FDA agency is to increase resilience against infections and diseases that are caused by poor health and safety standards by food and drug manufacturers and the processes involved in their dissemination to the public. The FDA is authorized by the federal authority through the relevant laws to prevent unverified food products from being...
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