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Final Assignment: Film Analysis Student’s name Institutional Affiliation The movie’s title develops irony where its named after the main character, Precious. Despite that, she is no one’s treasure and is poorly treated by everybody around her starting with her mother and in school (Bradshaw, 2010). At 16, Precious gives birth to her second child after getting raped by her father. The first child is taken care of by her grandmother. The father went missing after doing all that leaving Precious with her mother who is crazily mad at her. She beats and scolds her each time she tries to get into a conversation with her. Precious is yet to become of age meaning that she is, however, to start working to get food and other necessities. From that, she is fed greasy food and kept in a severe condition not suitable for a child of her age. The above describes the horrific situation that the main character has to endure. In the first instance, Precious suffers the loss of her childhood memories. Also, the parents fail to take her to school placing her at a disadvantage of losing what a child should get from education. Getting raped and giving birth means that she will lose all her youth in trying to bring up the children. Her dignity is also lost through that, and her father paints a bad picture of their family to the society following the ordeal that prompted him to rape his daughter. Being no one’s treasure or preferred means a lot especially to a girl and Precious suffers a lot in a world that is only filled with cruelty. Friends are a part of someone’s life, and she has none. All through her short teenage life, she has lost many things which affect her life in many ways. The experience outlined above makes the character suffer from trauma. The distressing situation back at home and hatred all over made her concentrate less on things like education leaving her illiterate. To add to that, she receives beatings and even discovers that she contracted AIDS...
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