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Name Instructor's Name Course Date Character Analysis of Loung in ‘First They Killed My Father’ A Chinese girl named Loung wrote the book ‘First They Killed My Father,’ where she tells the story firsthand about her life in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge period when she was only five years old. She lived in the city with her six siblings and her parents before the war forced them into the villages. As the book shows, Loung managed to survive death scare and to deal with persecution due to her character traits that made her self-reliant. The book depicts Loung as a keen observer from her childhood. She vividly narrates her story at Phnom Penh city. She remembers the details of their lives in the town from the traffic jams to the chicken fights. Despite her tender age-five years old- she has a bright memory and narrates each moment during her life. She recounts how she survives during the war and how she could use hay to brush her teeth. She remembers her father well and proudly describes him as having curly hair, broad nose, and a circular face. She has a keen eye and a sharp mind from childhood. She can notice the differences that existed in the rich and poor neighborhoods. She could see the dirty children and their crowded rooms, where they lived. At the beginning of the book, Loung is described as being adventurous. She narrates how she hated sitting on chairs and the temptation she had to stand on the chairs. The mother is worried that the child would never grow to be a decent lady. Loung is adamant, and despite her mother’s warnings, she keeps to what makes her excited. The mother strives to change her child by teaching her the decent ways of talking walking. She narrates the story of Princess Monineath to inspire her daughter. According to Loung’s mother, Princess Monineath was an epitome of a perfect lady. Despite all these efforts, Loung did not make efforts to adhere to her mother’s words. She tends to be keen on what her father...
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