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Free Full Metal Jacket Dissertation Example

Name Professor Course Date A comparison of the “The Things They Carried” and “The Full Metal Jacket” Both the film and the essay bring out the war in a realistic way. A war involves tough training and being away from your comfort zone and the things you love. The film shows the physical hardship involved in the tough and continuous physical activities while the essay brings out more of the preparedness of the soldiers to face their problems. They carried with them knives, mosquito repellants, and marijuana among others which depended on their priorities. The two works of literature describe the mental torture that affects soldiers in a war. In the film, Pyle undergoes mental suffering when Sergeant Hartman finds him incompetent. According to him, he's doing his best and feels that Hartman should appreciate his efforts. In the end, he kills himself and the Sergeant. In the essay, Lieutenant Cross is distracted by the thoughts of his lover during the war, and when the walls collapsed, he imagined himself and his lover dying. Even when lavender dies, he still thinks of Martha (O’Brien 4). There’s an aspect of inhumanity in the two works. Sergeant Hartman makes it clear to the soldiers at the start of the training by telling them that if they survived the training, they would be "ministers of death" (Kubrick 2). In the essay, when Lavender who is one of them dies, they smoke his marijuana and makes jokes about his death. This shows how inhuman they were trained to be such that even death could not scare them. These two war stories could conclude that there is no morality in wars; it does not matter who did it right or wrong. At the end of the war, all that matters is who is left. The depressing circumstances the soldiers go through leaves the viewers and the readers hoping for them to make it through. However, most of them die, and this defines the hopelessness in wars. Reaction to death in the films and the essay is different. The Full Metal...
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