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Free Future Of Good Health Dissertation Example

M10 Discussion - Living Student’s Name Student ID Professor’s Name Date of Submission How can you use health psychology to cultivate a healthier lifestyle? Health psychology provides the suggestions regarding how a person can develop a healthy lifestyle, such as avoiding smoking, substance and drug abuse and other harmful practices. It is important to avoid alcohol and other drugs that can cause harm to the body and mind. Health psychology emphasizes the importance of preventing diseases before they occur and also treating illnesses when they occur. Health psychology has helped me appreciate the effect of alcohol and drug abuse and their link with diseases. Since I began taking this course, my mindset of taking drugs and alcohol has completely changed. Health psychology also encourages people to engage in exercise, proper diet and stress management for proper mental and physical health. This course has equipped me with knowledge on how important exercise is in maintaining weight, keeping fit and being healthy. It has also enlightened me in regards to eating whole foods and avoiding processed, fatty and sugary foods that could promote the development of many lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and others. Health psychology also emphasizes the need for people to maintain a stress-free life by managing their stress. I have applied the knowledge in living a healthier life by choosing to drop negative thoughts that come about when there is conflict (O'leary, Taggart & Cousins, 2018). Choosing to live a stress-free life by focusing on the positives will play a big role in cultivating a healthier life. A nutritious diet can help in reducing depression as well as anxiety. A nutrient-rich diet helps in activating and releasing the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin which help in improving mood. Exercise is also essential as it releases endorphins which are responsible for mood improvement. When this chemical product is...
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