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Free Gender And Philosophy Dissertation Example

Name Instructor Course Date Gender and Philosophy Fausto-Sterling is a biologist who has majored in the issue of sex and gender. She is an ideologist who believes that the sex of people ought to be more than just the male or female. She believes that there an intermediary class that does not fall into either the female/male classes. She is a feminist who has fought for the gay rights over the years. She admits that she is a lesbian and advocates for the change of the system where when a child is born, the sex of the child must be established. In her book chapter 5, the brain is the most important part that defines the gender and not our physical body. Alexander Weheliye, on the other hand, is a writer of the African American literature. He shares the idea of racism and tackles the issue of how people have grown to perceive it as a normal thing. He thinks that racism is only seen when the party involved complains. The Africans being so different from the other races due to their skin colors are the subjects of racism in most cases. Some of the situations have always been there, and nobody even notices them because they are next to ‘normality.’ In his work Weheliye, has some few issues with the idea of bare life. According to Weheliye, the bare life seems to accomplish some conceptual feat that often race as a form of analytical category. Both Fausto-Sterling and Weheliye are ideologists who tend to question the societal line of thinking on the contemporary issues happening in the society. Many people may not have been aware of a large number of children who are born without explicit defined sex. Sterling indicates that from her research 2 in 11 babies are born with the condition where the sex is not apparent, and the doctors have to decide the sex to assign the baby (Fausto-Sterling 4). Such information is new to many as there has been no focus on such issues on the media or in the society in general. Weheliye brings a new idea of racism. Many...
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