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Free General Aviation Safety by the NTSB Dissertation Example

Video Summary Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Video Summary Summary of Object Security and General Aviation Safety by the NTSB The Mission of the NTSB is to enhance transport safety. The NTSB is mandated to be independent and objective by reporting directly to the Congress. This mandate allows the NTSB to investigate all regulatory aspects of an accident without interference by any conflict of interest. The NTSB ascertains the probable cause of each investigated accident in the U.S and provides safety recommendation to prevent future accidents. NTSB also has a role with a branch administrative law judges to perform air and marine certification appeals in the event that an entity has violation issues with regulatory agencies (“FAA Safety Team Central Florida,” 2014). As such, the NTSB can deliberate the issues of such cases from an independent point of view. Equally important, the NTSB has a branch called the Transportation Disaster Assistance Group that serves as an intermediary between the investigation team and the affected family and friends. The group facilitates two-way communication so that the investigation team can get the information needed for the pilot’s family and what was going on at the time of the accident on a personal level. NTSB comprises of 5 members appointed by the president and approved by Congress and Senate, to serve in a five-year term. NTSB is divided into three regions; the eastern, central region, and western region respectively. Each region has approximately 15-20 investigators with Alaska having four investigators. Products of the NTSB include the Blue Cover Report, factual report and docket, brief report analysis, special studies, public forums, safety alerts, and safety recommendation. Safety alerts refer to brief information sheets that pinpoint a given safety issue with supporting and statistical and factual information (“FAA Safety Team Central Florida,” 2014). The NTSB loose object safety alert...
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