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Student’s name Tutor’s name Course Date Geographical Exploration Even though many conservationists and environmentalists decry that the natural system of the Earth is under threat, many beautiful sites depict the power of nature. The eastern side of Kauai, Hawaii is one of the best places to discover and understand nature of the Earth. The area offers a variety of tourism resources like physical features and cultural activities. Specific places to visit in the East Kauai region include towns of Kapaa and Wailua as well as the Lydgate beach. The Lydgate beach has a park for recreational activities like swimming. In fact, the beach offers one of the safest to learn swimming. Wailua area has the Poliahu Park, but the resource of interest is the Wailua River. The Kapaa region has large shopping establishments and eateries. The population of the place gives sufficient opportunities to explore and learn some aspects of the residents or Hawaiian culture. Day 1: Visit to the Wailua River National Reserve 8: 00 am Meeting in visitor’s point Reporting with your guide and then explore the visit center and the dam. Ensure you pick a map. 9.00 am-10:30 am Welcome breakfast at the canteen You will have direction to the canteen in the reserve. 11:00 am-3:00 pm Going round the power station and 3 kilometers along the river from beginning of the dam. Take notes and photos concerning the design of the waterfalls. Explore the water river characteristics at the upper level of the river. You will have packed lunch with you during the excursion. 3:30 pm-6:00 pm Walking along the upper course of the River Wailua You will walk along the upper course of the river. In the meantime, you can do some fishing expedition. 7:00 pm Leaving the station and travelling to the hotel We will travel to the hotel where you have your refreshment, dinner, and sleep. 8:00 pm Dinner At the hotel, you have the opportunity to chose and try various Hawaiian dishes including...
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