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Geology Name Institution I have a strong desire to study at the University of Twente, Holland. The course I am interested and motivated in pursuing is the Applied Remote Sensing for Earth Sciences. This program has been rated as the top one for the last three years in Holland. Thus, my passion is to further my studies in an institution, which is offering the best courses in the world. Twente University is my choice because it provides the best career course. The college also has the competent personnel and adequate resources, which will ensure that my journey to fulfilling my career dreams becomes smooth. The program will help me in gaining knowledge and skills on how to collect and analyze scientific data at, below or above the surface of the earth without being in physical contact (ITC, 2018). In addition, I will learn on tools that are essential to working with for the spatial information. I have applied for the master's course because I am interested in improving my technical background in remote sensing and GIS. Furthermore, I have been exposed to the working environment where I have gained work experience in mining industry. The experience has created an opportunity for me to make an amicable decision as to what course I should pursue in my life to ensure that I become a successful person in life. While working, I have seen that I need to add on my geological background to ensure that I can become a great professional in the industry of geology. Such will enable me to contribute to the development of this sector, as well as give back to the community through the engagement in different community-based programs. Moreover, when I am able to merge remote sensing and GIS into one, I am sure that I will be a complete professional in the field of geology who can help community members. Such includes undertaking research and projects, which will be of great importance in society. I have seen how the people who work in mines are exposed to mine sights and...
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