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Free Growth And Development School Age Dissertation Example

Name Professor Course Date Growth and Development (6-12 years) Between ages 6-12, children undergo growth and development on different spheres. The following theories explain the development of children under the age bracket identified (Glanz & Bishop 400). In Erikson’s psychosocial stage of development, a child develops the virtue of competence. The psychosocial crisis is industry versus inferiority. Children start recognizing their talents, for instance, in sports or music. If they are not allowed to discover their capabilities, they develop low self-esteem and lack of motivation. According to psychosexual theory by Sigmund Freud, children at this stage direct their energies towards activities such as friendship and hobbies. The aim here is to shift focus from sexual pleasure to social acceptance. In Havighurst theory, children at this developmental phase focus on playing, developing moral values and attaining self-independence. Children also learn how to relate to age mates and their roles as males or females (Glanz & Bishop 403). According to Piaget, children acquire logical reasoning. Also, children at this stage stick to their opinion not considering that of other people. In Kohlberg theory, children focus on their interests. Here, children avoid punishment and look for rewards. They fail to do wrong due to fear of retribution. The essential questions to ask at this stage include how does the child relate to peers? How is the child responding academically? How do they feel about themselves? At this stage, the behaviors expected may include developing interests in activities such as music and games (Glanz & Bishop 405). Initially, the child will avoid children of the opposite gender but change this as they approach twelve years. The children at this stage have a lot of respect for parents and love talking to other people. If the child is at the hospital during this stage, they may not acquire the psychosocial skills. The reason...
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