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Name Instructor Course Date Hamlet and Hamartia The theme of revenge is dominant throughout the act ‘Hamlet.’ It is worth exploring why Hamlet is reluctant to go through with this revenge idea. In relation to that, Polonius ends up dead after Hamlet confronts his mother and finally mistakenly kills Polonius. The two aspects are relative and will be shed light on below. The whole play revolves around vengeance; Fortinbras seeks revenge for his father’s land and death. Hamlet seeks to avenge his father and Ophelia’s’ death. Laertes just like Hamlet and Fortinbras seeks vengeance for Polonius, his father. The quest for vengeance results to a very tragic end: They all die. Hamlet’s father appears as a ghost as soon as he is buried, to Hamlet. He is fully armored for war; this makes Hamlet figure out the ghost yearns for vengeance. The ghost, however, is not vivid on the reason as to why he wants revenge against the king. Hamlet is reluctant to revenge until the ghost explains the reason. The ghost demands vengeance while still in purgatory (where the dead goes before their fate is decided; hell or heaven). Old Hamlet seems sure about its fate of burning in hellfire (Jamieson, np). Claudius, the king and also Hamlet’s uncle marries Gertrude after her husband’s death. This makes it so clear that Hamlet’s father’s death is not natural and that Claudius has everything to do with it. From Gertrude’s actions, however, she does not seem to sense foul play behind the death of her husband. For this reason, Gertrude does not hesitate to accept the king’s hand in marriage. It is no doubt that Claudius kills Hamlet’s father to acquire his wife, this is the reason the ghost is so restless and seeks vengeance via his son (Shakespeare, np). Hamlet, however, is very hesitant to execute his father’s request up until the last section of the play where Claudius meets his death. He does not die for the intended initial cause. Hamlet has the means,...
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