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Free Health Observations – The Role Of The Media Dissertation Example

Health Observation Name Institution Introduction Media in the contemporary world has transformed on so many levels. There was a time when advertisements used to be simple, and the factors of glamor and manipulation were minimal. However, these advertisements are not the same anymore. Unlike older times, ads these days are full of glamor and feed on the profound desires and insecurities of people. Although these tendencies help the advertisers and sellers of a product, consumers are not immensely better off. Additionally, an increasing trend of consumerism and unnecessary purchases are also some consequences of these type of ads. It will not be wrong to say that there is a wide range of advertisements that lead to unhealthy habits and patterns of living CITATION Tig15 l 1033 (Tiggmann & Zaccardo, 2015). This essay is based on analyzing that trend and see how these ads affect human nature. For this analysis, a specific ad has been chosen. Commercial For this analysis, an advertisement on CITATION You12 l 1033 (YouTube, 2012), was chosen and the reason it was selected for the analysis is its approach to weight loss and unnecessarily emphasize on staying fit. The ad starts with a focus on a female body which is slim and smart and from the very beginning; it is easy to tell that this is designed to make some people, especially women insecure about their physical condition. Later on, the girl in the ad is seen marketing a product that people can sprinkle on their food to eat a lesser amount. The whole ad focuses on two main things throughout the video which are the female’s slim body and food. It shows that after sprinkling that powder on the food, people have started to hate their food because of its taste and tend to eat less. This forced habit of eating less is eventually leading all these people to eat a lesser amount so they can lose weight. This is a very negative message as it is making people hate food. Rather than focusing on healthy eating and...
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