Causes and Strategies of Homelessness in the UK Dissertation Example

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Free Causes and Strategies of Homelessness in the UK Dissertation Example

Homelessness has gained adequate global attention in reference to research and policy, but it continues to be an adamant social problem in both developed and developing countries (Speak 2012: p. 144). Causes of homelessness seem to be well-known; yet, the problem persists. Homelessness has prevailed as a major problem in the UK compared to other developed countries as indicated by Toro et al. (2007: p. 506). Some of the older people become homeless for the first time in later years while young people with so much potential also become homeless. The older population is experiencing chronic health problems and is not working; hence, require social support that may not be extended to them due to poor national policies. UK’s homelessness dates far back to the 7th century when Kings passed laws to punish vagrants (Moss and Singh 2015: p. 196). Since that time, the number of homeless people in the UK has continued to rise up-to-date; in March 2017, there was a total of 77,240 temporary households, and this was 8% higher compared to the figure in 2016 (Department for Communities and Local Government 2017: par. 2-5). The rise in homelessness in UK has been largely attributed to changed policies that exacerbate already prevailing personal inadequacies leading to homelessness. This literature review seeks to affirm this perspective. It seems that the issue of homeless is not addressed from the root as there is a lot of literature looking into the effects of homelessness compared to the causes. In such a case, it becomes arduous to address the problem based on specific causative factors in different countries. Fitzpatrick (2005: p. 1) is articulate that the UK might have the largest research on homelessness, but this research is on housing and social policy research traditions as opposed to the causes. Fitzpatrick, Bramley, and Johnsen (2013: p. 148) have affirmed this observation as they state that the role of homelessness has received undue prominence because it is...
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