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Free How Makino Stays Humanly Relevant Dissertation Example

Student Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Feedback Mr. Makino is an experienced individual who has successfully conducted his duties in the sector of marketing. He has managed to earn different awards due to the good work he has been doing and his outstanding personality. Mr. Makino is an individual who is focused on the success of the organization, and he ensures that the job he handles in the organization remains at the top. He is also a go-getter who researches every opportunity that might result in the success of the organization. And also he encourages teamwork and brings the best out of every team that he works with. Mr. Makino is also a good team leader who practices inclusivity in every duty that the group performs. He is a very responsible colleague who works with no supervision or no follow-ups. And furthermore, Mr. Makino is a flexible individual who works depending on the condition of the work, and he ensures that the intended intention of the activity he does is achieved to the perfection. He has good leadership skills and ability since back from his area of education where he led in different areas and managed to emerge as a winner in such occasions. Due to his inclusivity, Mr. Makino makes good relationship with the colleagues that he works with and makes every team productive to the organization. He also has an insight of seeing the opportunities that the organization needs to go for and ensure that the opportunity becomes productive to the firm. The fact that he is a hardworking person, Mr. Makino ensure that any form of obstacle that might come his way as the duty of the organization is concerned is overcome. And he is also an industrious person in the field of marketing that everybody...
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