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Free Importance Of DACA Dissertation Example

Name Tutor Course Date Why DACA is Important. In June 2012, after the Obama administration failed to find a legislative panacea to the issue of minors who had entered the country illegally, an executive order was issued. This executive order formed the foundation for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, a program that exempts illegally immigrated children from deportation to their countries of origin. However, the implication was no that they had full residence status, but action against them would be deferred temporarily for two years during which they could obtain social security numbers, driving licenses, college education, and even employment (Gonzales, Terriquez, and Ruszczyk, 12). Since then, the conservatives have criticized President Obama’s powers to implement such a program and the current administration is the process of scraping it off. Those who have argued to end the program are just as passionate as those who defend it, and this paper explores the merits and the demerits of DACA. There are several benefits of DACA, both to the undocumented individual and the nation. Initially, before the implementation of DACA, many illegal immigrants could not be enrolled in some colleges to pursue the education of their choice, and others could not get into the competitive job market even after earning lucrative college degrees. Therefore, to such persons, DACA brought respite such that they could find employment in America both in the private and the public sectors. Being able to obtain a driving license and a decent job that offers health care benefits is something to be celebrated by anyone who found themselves in the country as a minor and could not enjoy these before (Gonzales, Terriquez, and Ruszczyk, 12). They also stopped living in the fear of being deported, which is a dreadful reality to all illegal foreigners. As a country, the rescinding the program would not be without cost. It is reported that the Development, Relief, and...
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