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Free Instructional Improvement Plan Dissertation Example

Instructional Improvement Plan Name Institution Issue #1: Instructional Improvement Plan Abstract According to the comprehensive data, 65 percent of students do not meet the required standards in ELA, and 55 percent do not meet math standards. As the new principal, I, therefore, need to come up with a plan so as to improve the performance of these subjects. I will develop a complete institutional improvement strategy to help my students in the better achievement of English language arts (ELA) and mathematics. It is essential for students to attain the best grades but some factors possibly limit students from making significant achievements in class. Contextual indicators determine parameters for learning trajectories, educational attainment and careers. Diversity in the school can also pose a great challenge to the improvement of mathematics and English. The students in the institution come from different races, and I will develop extra curriculum activities to enhance cohesion between them. I must address these issues and see that my students have achieved better performance in the institution. Improvement Plan As the new principal, it is crucial to assess the performance of English and mathematics and identify the reasons behind the failure. Therefore, an instructional plan on how to assist student success despite challenges is foremost. Some factors such as social class, ethnicity and personality can affect the performance of students in schools (Reed, 2018). As such, academic well-being is tied to social, emotional health. Additionally, according to the data, 70% of the students at the school come from middle to low-income families. These factors may be indicative of learning environments that may need extra support systems. Provisions within the home, before school and afterschool possibilities, need to be developed. Activities during and beyond school hours will be implemented to remediate the underachievement, and underrepresentation of students in...
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