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Geography Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1 A map showing various features and aspects of culture based on New York City The world has changed, but humanity remains the same. One aspect associated with change is globalization which has brought together a world which was once very big and made it small. Globalization has brought people together and developed diversified societies. The map explores the map of a community based on different cultural factors. Globalization has grown to become a very explosive force with a highly transformative nature (Sparke, 2013, p. 45). It has caused the development of new trends within cities, developed new technologies and innovations, changed the way we communicate and, therefore, transformed the world. Mobility has become a significant factor in the world of today. Migration is a major example of how mobility has been enhanced. Migration is a facto that has allowed people to move to different parts of the world where they feel their lives will be improved. It is a factor that is associated with the circulation of ideas, art forms, and culture and, therefore, transforms the thinking related to basic aspects such as identity, religion, and boundaries. The map, thus, represents New York as a significant city associated with diversification caused by the high impact of globalization. The five points, therefore, represent elements of culture such as sports, art, music and film and how they are described in the city. They are elements that interact with one another to establish a unique and distinct cultural identity which is representative of the highly diversified people of New York. They represent an urban community established through the fundamental aspects of globalization such as migration. New York is considered the largest city in the world and the five options in the map, therefore, represent cultural aspects on the highest level (Sparke, 2013, p. 30). Reference Sparke, M....
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