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Intermodal Transportation Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date Intermodal Transportation In the recent past, many companies have involved the use of Information Technology in freight transportation industry. The modes of transport such as air, pipelines, water, rail, air, and truck use specific technologies and to enable the company to achieve its final goal of ensuring that the goods reach their final destination from the origin successfully. The technique used involves tracking the freight on transportation (Slack, 2008). The tracking companies use the internet to get the most appropriate carriers, and in large truck freight companies, the drivers have a website where they can bid for loads or employ the use of EDI. The EDI contains a special software for generating the maps to the destination of the freight, and there is also the use of GPS satellites for monitoring the movement of goods on transportation. The use of RFID has risen in the recent. The technology has brought a lot of revolution to the supply chain management. The technology ensures that the right goods are available at the right time and the right place and it eliminates all the possible errors that could be made (Jones & Chung, 2007). From the process of manufacturing the goods with RFID tags can be easily counted randomly without them being necessarily in a line. During transportation, the RFID is used in tracking containers with links of the supply chain and they have high frequencies with very high speeds, and this ensures that there are accuracy and efficiency in the transportation of goods to its destination (Jones & Chung, 2007). The internet has also helped in the implementation of the Bring-Your-Own-Device strategy where the staff involves the use of smartphones and tablets. The workers, shippers, and drivers can access the information from the company using the internet o their devices, and this improves the efficiency and the speed of handling the goods on...
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