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Internal Psychological Factors for Internet Addiction: Persons who develop IA usually already have feelings of social isolation and may have trouble in establishing and maintaining health relationships with their peers. When looking at the internal psychological factors that influence Internet addiction, it is imperative to distinguish between the two types of addicts, namely the Dual Diagnosed Internet Addicts and New Internet Addicts (Montag & Reuter, 2017). The former often suffer from previous psychological problems that might include anxiety, social phobia, substance use, depression, or obsessive-compulsive disorder, among other syndromes associated with IA. Conversely, the latter group has no previous history of addiction or psychiatric illness, and their problematic internet use is a wholly new disorder. In other words, dual diagnosed Internet addicts often suffer from other illnesses that contribute towards the development of IA while new addicts often have no psychiatric history but are engrossed in specific online relationships or activities, such as gambling and betting sites, adult sites, online shopping, or gaming, just to name a few. Dual diagnosed addicts suffer from drug and substance dependency only find online activities physically safer than their addictive tendencies. According to Montag and Reuter (2017), these addicts often believe that Internet addiction is medically safer compared to being addicted to alcohol and other drugs, in addition to the fact that the compulsive behavior tends to eliminate the need to deal with unpleasant situations or feelings that attend the addictive behavior. Dual diagnosed internet addiction can manifest in ways that are different from other common addictive syndromes. Research is yet to confirm the exact cause and effect mechanism, but a clear correlation has been established between IA and psychiatric problems. It has been established, for instance, that Internet addicts often suffer from chronic...
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