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Free Interview Process Recording Dissertation Example

Process Recording Name: Institutional Affiliation: Interviewer (Ms. Woroud) Interviewee/Mrs Allen (Nathaniel Allen’s mother) Identify communication technique Analysis Please tell me about your family life including your child. What are your family routines? (adjusting the sitting posture) Does your child normally experience a rich environment? Do you promote a literacy environment at home? Positive discipline Both my husband and The child is named after my husband, as his name is his middle name. I grew up in West Virginia. The child is very fond of his paternal grandfather and protective of his little sister despite their constant little fights. He also impresses me a lot since he is a fast learner. It is a challenge for young Nathaniel to go to bed, as he wants to sleep late. This is challenging when it comes to him waking up early for school. I read bedtime stories to him to make him sleep. I usually play several games with the children. We go to the park during warm weather and sometimes shop together as a family. Young Nathaniel has books in his room and I also read stories to him to cultivate a reading culture. My favorite thing about him is his imaginations. I have set up a number of household rules such as no running, no leaving cups on the sofa and eating dinner at the table together. Providing information. Asking questions on normal activities. I wanted to listen actively here. I asked relevant questions relating to the child. Active listening continues. Prepares the interviewee for the interview using this manner of starting the conversation. Positioning myself well here ensures a good rapport. Keep the conversation on track Keeping the conversation active. The conversation was beginning to be idle. Do you have a child with special needs? Self-sufficiency at the home, in terms of how long you have lived at the current home, the affordability of the rent, safety, and neighbors. (Continues nodding while...
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