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Free Interview Project Evaluation Dissertation Example

Interview Project Evaluation Name Institution Abstract In general, I have to admit that it was fascinating to read through the project Questions and Answers, especially comparing the Leader's responses to your answers. From an independent persons' look, it is clear that you have a passion for leadership just as the leader in the interview. Below read a more comprehensive evaluation of the project, critiquing it, advising and giving overall feedback. Keywords: Leader, motivation. Interview Project Evaluation Commenting on the leader's responses, I was impressed by her experience in the field of leadership. The leader's responses depict maturity and the ability to combine the theory of leadership to its practicability over an extended period. The answers given from her are standard responses that could come from any world leaders. I was only disappointed at the point where she exposed her problem when it comes to handling leadership stress. The leader indicated that she gets stressed to the point that she gets sick which to me felt too low for the kind of personality she had depicted from answering all other questions. Commenting on your replies to the interview, I sensed the aura of an amateur with great ambition, drive, and disposition to learn as well as grow. You surely have some points that need to be improved to take space into leadership space. For example, a common but true cliché is, ‘great leaders are great readers’ ("Leaders Are Readers • George Ambler," 2016); I feel that you need to invest more on yourself by injecting knowledge from books into your brains and heart. Time for a leader is crucial, and you should thus carefully select what you read to ensure it benefits and builds your leadership dream. There are many leadership books, but a few that are renowned are titles by Stephen R. Covey such as "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People." "The 3rd Alternative”, “First Things First” among others. Other popular leadership books...
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